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Overmental is an examination of worldbuilding through the lens of emerging trends in design and technology. In this space, we will be covering stories told through shared universes, augmented/virtual reality, immersive environments, transmedia, experimental narratives, and beyond.

It is in essence, an explorer’s guide to the geography of fiction, and the writers, artists, and creators who build these worlds. It is a place for me to share the ideas and concepts that are exciting to me, and I hope it will also be a jumping off point for your own adventures.

There Are Worlds To Explore, Your Journey Begins Here!



Overmental is primarily authored and curated by me, Ryan Matsunaga. I am an analyst and consultant working in technology, film, and media.

If you like, you can follow me on Twitter here, and contact me via email at <ryan [at] overmental.com>

Beginning in 2018, the Overmental website itself will focus less on frequent news updates, and more on longer discussions of ongoing projects and concepts, as well as guides to seeking out and exploring existing and developing worlds.

News coverage will continue though, via the Overmental Twitter account. I welcome you to follow me there for threads on breaking news.


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