12 Overlooked Indie Games That You Might Have Missed This Year

More and more, indie games are beginning to steal the spotlight away from the Call of Duty‘s and Assassin’s Creed‘s of the world. Games like Five Nights at Freddy’s and Towerfall were as talked about as any AAA release this year, and rightly so. However, if that’s all you played in 2014 from the indie side of things, you missed out on some fantastic new releases.

Here are 12 great indie games from 2014 that you might have overlooked.

1. Shovel Knight


What is it? A wonderful call-back to the 8-bit era, Shovel Knights is a testament to how little graphics and “modern” design matter when you have great gameplay and story. Shovel Knight was a huge critical success when it was released earlier this year, but the fact that it’s not a game that everyone is talking about is a mighty shame.

Why did it get overlooked? The game was only released on PC and Nintendo devices, which might explain why it didn’t get its due this year, but expect its cult popularity to hopefully land it a spot on additional consoles in the future.

Play it if you’re looking for… a game that’s equal parts nostalgia and innovation. If you’re not averse to difficult games, you’ll almost certainly find something to love in Shovel Knights.

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