12 Overlooked Indie Games That You Might Have Missed This Year

2. Kero Blaster


What is it? The one-man game developing machine known as Pixel gave us the absolutely magical Cave Story in 2004. Now, over 10 years later, he’s back with a new game… and no one seemed to notice. That’s a much chillier reception than this game deserves, because it channels a lot of the same inspirations that made Cave Story so enthralling. Expect some addictive gameplay that’s

Why did it get overlooked? Cave Story was a big hit, but it’s been over a decade since its original release. And with Kero Blaster‘s super-retro look and feel, and its short length overall, it does sort of feel like a step back in many regards.

Play it if you’re looking for… a game that takes you back to the hours you poured into Contra and Metroid.

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