3 Things That Were Patched and 3 Things That Should be Patched in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition has been out for a few weeks now, and as is to be expected from huge RPGs, there were plenty of bugs. Fortunately Bioware released a patch today that fixes a lot of game breaking bugs for all platforms. Here are 3 things that were patched, and 3 more things I’d like to see patched in the near future.

First off, here are the official patch notes. Now on to the big things that got fixed!

1) Searching for Items

Previously when hitting the search key to find nearby items and resources, it would simply draw a yellow outline around the item of interest and make a different sound than usual. This made it hard to find items quickly, as you would have to pan around looking for this vague yellow outline to pop up so you could finally grab that elfroot. Now items are marked longer and they ping on the minimap! Hallelujah!

2) Minor tactical fixes

The tactical camera is now slightly more usable on PC. When the right mouse button is held down in tactical camera mode, it will pan in a similar fashion to the non-tactical camera. I tested this for a few minutes and it seems to be more functional than the original, but it still isn’t perfect.

3) General stability

There seemed to be a lot of fixes for fatal bugs like getting stuck on the main menu or the game outright crashing. These issues are obviously the most pressing, so it’s good that they fixed them quickly.

Inquisition still isn’t perfect and there are still a ton of things I’d like to see patched. On the next page I’ll illustrate some of those things.

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