5 Expensive Games That Still Cost Less Than Destiny

Back in September of last year, people were surprised when Grand Theft Auto V clocked in at an impressive $265 million in expenses.  Now, all the talk has shifted to Destiny, which is set to almost double that with a reported $500 million budget.  Destiny has been one of, if not the most anticipated game to approach the lineup of titles coming out for the new consoles, but half a billion dollars is bound to raise a few eyebrows. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the most expensive projects in video game history, to see how it payed off for those studios.

Grand Theft Auto: V – $265 million

Grand Theft Auto V is one of those games that was made to outshine from the get-go.  Featuring an incredible amount of content and an elaborate story that focused on three playable central characters, the whole kitchen sink was thrown into the mix. The result was a fully immersive world in which players could lose themselves, even if it meant doing mundane things like shopping for clothes, golfing, and attempting to make Michael’s fat butt do yoga.

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