7 Reasons Why TV Will Be in Serious Trouble in 2015

TV isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but 2014 was a very tough year for traditional networks, and 2015 isn’t looking any brighter at all. In fact, the next 12 months will likely prove to be an extremely trying time for live television, here’s why.

1. TV viewership is continuing to fall.

A study conducted by CBS revealed that TV viewership was down a full 3% in 2014. A separate Nielson report showed a 4.4% drop.

That might not sound like a lot, but it represents millions and millions of potential viewers who are now tuning in to services like Netflix for their entertainment. CBS researchers found that on average, just having Netflix access in your household resulted in significantly less traditional TV watching.

This live TV exodus is happening across the board across all demographics. Millennials (age 18-24) watched a massive 14% less TV this year, and even the oldest viewers tracked by a Magna Global report (55-64) watched 3% less.

Not even live sports are safe, with NFL viewership down across all networks some 10-19%.

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