Back To The Future Part II: What Did It Get Right About 2015?


Let’s celebrate Back to the Future day the only way we know how: picking the movies apart.

Happy Back to the Future Day everyone! As we’re sure you know, today is the day that Marty, Jennifer, and Doc Brown travel into the future from 1985. As such, it’s something of an unofficial holiday in geekdom. So, we thought it would be fun to celebrate by pouring over the film and check out what they got right… and wrong… with their vision of the future. So, set your time circuits for October 21st, 2015 and let’s get started:

Flying Cars

flying cars

Well, right off the bat is seems we’re destined for disappointment. No, we don’t have flying cars that use hovering technology to sour through highways in the sky. However, that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been some development on that front. Toyota is looking into flying cars, and certain car/plane hybrids do exist:

Alpha Rhythm Generator

Alpha generator

While we don’t quite have a device that makes you instantly fall asleep with a flash of light/alpha waves (most people just opt for melatonin), there are actually quite a few commercial sleep aids available that work on a similar principle. The Nightwave and the Aura are two such bedside devices, which use a combination of audio and visual cues to help you nod off.

Mr. Fusion

mr fusion

Unfortunately, we haven’t really cracked fusion in the first place so that one is still outside of our reach. However, there’s been many initiatives to turn what is essentially garbage into fuel sources.

Instant Weather

Instant Weather

In the film, Doc Brown can tell the weather to the minute. While our ability to predict the weather may have improved over the decades, we sadly have no control over it.

Inefficient Post Office

“Too bad the Post Office isn’t as efficient as the weather service!”

You said it, Doc. They nailed that one pretty hard.

Rejuvenation Clinics

Rejuvenation clinics

Well, unfortunately there’s really no place you can go to add 30-40 years to your life with machines and blood transfusions. However, you can certainly have a proper diet, exercise, and do plenty of elective surgeries if you want to look younger… though we wouldn’t recommend that last part.

Self lacing shoes

power lacing shoes

This just in: they’re real. Michael J. Fox just got his pair today. They’re coming in 2016. Thank God for the power of capitalism and nostalgia!

Self adjusting/drying jacket

adjustable jacket

Unfortunately, our jackets today are about as advanced as the jackets in 1985 outside of a new material or two. They don’t have computers that automatically adjust, nor do they auto dry. But, hey, there’s always water resistant material like Gore-Tex.

The style of wearing one’s pants inside out

Maybe with hipsters? You’d have to ask them.

Abolishment of all lawyers

Alas, we kinda slacked on that one.

USA Today Cover

USA Today cover

USA Today did indeed print the same cover for today that appeared in the film… though if we’re going to be nitpicky… they technically printed the cover for October 22nd, 2015. Still, it’s amazing they did it at all.

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