Chef Researched And Developed A Human Flesh Flavored Burger For The New Season of ‘Walking Dead’

If you could try human flesh, would you? What would it taste like? Are you curious enough to override your ingrained moral objection to eating that which is yourself? If you answered yes to those questions then the only questions left for you to answer is, “Would you like that in a hamburger?” That’s right, chef Jim Thomlinson of London Mess has created a hamburger that he claims tastes like human flesh.

Apparently Thomlinson researched a slew of 20th century cannibals to determine the proper taste profile and then started throwing meat in the grinder. He came up with a combination of pork, veal and bone marrow, which sounds like a reasonably tasty burger even if it doesn’t replicate human flesh. If you’re interested in trying it out London Mess has posted the recipe on Facebook.

London Mess describes their mission thusly:

London Mess is the venture from chef Jim Thomlinson offering an inventive take on day-to-day food and edible art banquet dining experiences.

I’d say a human flesh flavored burger fall into the bin marked “inventive take on day-to-day food” pretty easily.

The season 5 premiere for The Walking Dead brought in the largest ratings ever for the series, and also inspired our very own Matt Overstreet to invent a drinking game.

You can also bone up on your cannibal knowledge here.

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