Console Wars Are Pointless

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We gamers love our games and consoles.  We have our favorites, past and present.  Some of us prefer consoles, others prefer personal computers.  Some gamers out there save up their money to buy the new console the day they come out.  There are some gamers that would rather keep their old console rather than get the new one.  Sadly, there are some gamers that actually pick fights over which console they think is better.

Some of these fights are verbal fights.  There are people that leave nasty comments on various online chat forums.  They might actually resort to foul language and even racial slurs. I’m sure there have even been fist fights.   It’s scary to think there are people out there who would use violence over something as trivial as this.  There are some people that get so angry that others don’t see their point of view.  Woe to the person who doesn’t think the PS4 or Xbox One is the coolest thing ever.  Is there a point to this way of thinking?


‘Console Wars’ make no sense.  There’s nothing wrong with having your favorite.  It may seem strange, but I like both PS and Xbox.  I’ve owned both over the years.  The first console I owned was a Nintendo 8-bit console.  I was so excited to get one, I didn’t care what anyone else said or thought.  Back then, there was only Nintendo and Sega.  My friends and I would get into small arguments over which one was better.  We didn’t have the fights that seem to happen today.


Both consoles have brought me many fond memories as I’ve played various games from different genres.  Not once have I insutled anyone because they thought one console was better.  I might’ve cracked a joke or two, but I knew not to cross a line.  Playing video games is a way to make friends and relieve stress caused by life.  Getting into fights, even verbal ones, are ridiculous.  It doesn’t matter which console you prefer.  It doesn’t matter what someone else prefers.  Instead of getting into a fight, play your favorite game.  We gamers need to stick together and become friends.  No fighting, no insulting each other.  Life is too short.  Play video games and make new friends.  Console Wars aren’t worth it.


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