Deadpool Trailer Analysis: The Merc with a Mouth Finally Gets His Movie

deadpool trailer 25

Following its huge debut at Comic-Con last month (which got a standing ovation from the crowd of over 5,000 fans), the Deadpool trailer is finally available to watch online. 

Because it has a few extra snippets of footage (and a whole lot more cursing), we will be analyzing the red band version of the trailer here. So be warned, NSFW content follows due to some gore and a couple of butts.

Watch it below if you haven’t already, then we’ll pick apart all the little details:


deadpool trailer 1

The trailer begins with a shot of Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) and his girlfriend Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). Many fans have speculated that Vanessa might be Vanessa Carlysle, a mutant in the comics who goes by the alias Copycat. Carlysle has ties to both the Weapon X program and X-Force, and subsequently, has a ton of run-ins with Deadpool.

deadpool trailer 2

Wilson has cancer in his “liver, lungs, prostate, and brain.” The comic book version of Deadpool also has cancer, and although his regenerative powers keep him alive, the disease causes the skin deformations we’ll see later in the trailer.

deadpool trailer 3

While sitting in a bar, this guy approaches Wilson, offering to”make him better.” Presumably, he’s there on behalf of the Weapon X program (or whatever Deadpool‘s equivalent will be called). The character is only credited as “The Recruiter,” which may mean they’re hiding a bigger reveal, or he just has a really minor role.

deadpool trailer 4

“We can give you abilities most men only dream of.”

In addition to his healing powers, the comic book version of Deadpool also became a master swordsman and marksman as a result of the Weapon X program. We’ll see these skills in action in a bit.

deadpool trailer 5

The costume gets a little tease here, complete with his trademark dual swords.

deadpool trailer 6

“Just promise you’ll do right by me, so I can do right by someone else.”

The movie version of Deadpool is really playing up his pre-transformation relationship. This is an angle that the comics never really touched, so it will be interesting to see why the adaptation is making this change.

deadpool trailer 7

“And please don’t make the super suit green. Or animated!”

A not-so-subtle jab at Green Lantern, which Ryan Reynolds also starred in (and wore a mostly CGI-created suit). We can also see that the facility Wilson is brought to is not quite as high-tech looking as the Weapon X base in X-Men: Origins. This may be a hint that this isn’t Weapon X, or they’re just trying really hard to ignore Origins.

deadpool trailer 8

Here’s Wilson being beat up and tortured by Angel Dust (Gina Carano) and Ajax (Ed Skrein). Unlike their comic book versions (who were mutants), we’re hearing that these characters will get their powers the same way Deadpool does: as the result of whatever Weapon X-esque program this is.

Why is Wilson on the receiving end of this abuse? It’s possible that it’s an attempt to “break him” before his transformation, molding him into a supersoldier for whatever nefarious goals this organization has.

deadpool trailer 9

This is alluded to with Ajax’s line, “one thing that never survives this place is a sense of humor.”

deadpool trailer 10

Which Wilson seems to disagree with, calling them “Posh Spice” and a “less angry Rosie O’Donnell.”

deadpool trailer 11

In this shot we can see another body strapped to a table across the hall. Wilson is apparently one of many test subjects.

deadpool trailer 12

The way the trailer is edited, this explosion seems like it takes place right after, but as you can see from the still, Wilson is not on the table in this room.

deadpool trailer 13

When we next see Wilson, he’s in full Deadpool mode, hanging out on a freeway bridge with his tunes and crayons. You’ll notice that this section of the film/trailer is more or less lifted exactly from the animated pitch video that got the project greenlit in the first place.

deadpool trailer 14

Here’s our first full-on look at the costume in this trailer. The song is “Shoop” by Salt-N-Pepa if you’re curious.

deadpool trailer 15

And here’s his lovely drawing.

deadpool trailer 16 deadpool trailer 17

Just like in the pitch video, Deadpool casually walks off of the edge, and falls straight into his target’s SUV.

deadpool trailer 18

Cue violence.

deadpool trailer 19

Weirdly enough, the car’s stereo is also playing “Shoop” by Salt-N-Pepa.

deadpool trailer 20

Deadpool’s car-brawl flips the vehicle.

deadpool trailer 21

And a bunch of armed thugs converge on the crash.

deadpool trailer 22deadpool trailer 23

Deadpool explains why his suit is red (and that guy’s pants are brown).

deadpool trailer 24

Showing off his newfound badassery, Deadpool flips out of the car and shoots two guys with one bullet.

deadpool trailer 25

“Daddy needs to express some rage.”

deadpool trailer 26

A drive by shooter hits Deadpool in the arm. The song is “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” by DMX.

deadpool trailer 27

“Mother fucker!”

deadpool trailer 28

Deadpool whipping out his swords for the first time in the trailer.

deadpool trailer 29

And then… celebrating his victory.


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