More Realistic Pokemon to Keep You Up at Night


Remember those “realistic Pokemon” fan art pieces from RJ Palmer? Well he hasn’t stopped since then, and his latest creations are even crazier (and just as disturbing).

_gengar__by_arvalis-d5j4zw9_gyarados__by_arvalis-d7x1086 _noivern__by_arvalis-d7mc5s5 _lugia__by_arvalis-d7i45hq _giratina__by_arvalis-d6y203m _abomasnow__by_arvalis-d8b1hm8

And just in case you’re still capable of sleeping after that first batch,there’s a new Mewtwo that seems pretty intent on stealing your soul.



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  1. God I don’t know any of these Pokemon from when I grew up. So many now. The originally 100+ are still the best.

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