Our Newest Podcast Has Adventure, Torture and Maybe Sandwiches

Adventure is around every corner, but will our next choice lead to glorious victory or certain doom? Join Eric, Jen and Peter for Go Your Own Way, an exciting new podcast that follows “choose your own adventure” stories and the mysterious consequences that await.


Whether you’re new to choosing your own adventure or you’re a page-turning veteran, we’d like to extend a warm welcome to our brand new podcast. Our team is made up of 8CN staff writer Eric, Jen from The Super CircuitCast and Peter from Funk Radio.

In our very first adventure, we play through Captured! by tsmpaul, courtesy of ChooseYourStory.com. What ensues is a life-threatening tale of imprisonment, deceit, sandwiches and of course terrible decisions. The “characters” we imagined for ourselves this week are a possibly-friendly-possibly-deadly mermaid (Jen), a normal looking man with a raccoon brain and possible speech issues (Eric) and a goat (Peter).

Will our misfit heroes escape torturous peril? Will they succumb and give up the location of their rebel friends? Will anyone pet the goat? Adventure is just a “press play” away!

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