In Our Disturbing Conclusion, It Was Hitler All Along… or Something [Podcast]

We’ve been following this story for a few weeks now, and our adventuring sprits are weary. But we promise you this is the glorious conclusion to Phoebe’s tale of mystery and horror. Whether that’s death or victory is something you’ll have to listen for yourself.


It’s true what they say about “choose your own adventure” stories: after 4 hours with the same one, things start to get bland and you find yourself yearning to run away with a new one. Nevertheless, we’re determined to end this on good terms first.

The Adventures of Phoebe McGee, Episode 1: The Lighthouse by casmith now comprises half of our catalog of episodes. Be sure to go back and hear Part 1Part 2 and Part 3 if you plan on joining us for this bone-chilling conclusion.

We’re reprising our roles one last time as the muscle-flexing babe-loving bro (Jen), the lawful good talking sword (Eric) and the magical backpack (Peter). Grip a rusty handrail and step up the circular metal staircase of adventure!

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