Either These Riddles are Dumb, or We Are [Go Your Own Way E09]

We’re locked up in a scary castle tower, and the only way to escape is to solve its many ghostly riddles! Get ready for fun, frustration and possibly some cheating.


Waking up in a spooky dungeon is nothing out of the ordinary on this podcast. But when our only escape is solving mind-bending riddles, you can be sure we’re out of our element. In this episode we play through the first half of Tower of Riddles by Briar_Rose.

Joining us in this battle of mental prowess is Matt, host of the Super Circuitcast. Together we assume the roles of a giraffe with a bowler hat (Peter), the creepy snow shovel guy from Home Alone (Eric) and an anthropomorphic, asexual banana (Matt).

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