No Seriously, Where is Carmen Sandiego? [Go Your Own Way E11]

Where in the world is she? It turns out that’s not the easiest question to answer, so we’re on an epic global hunt to stop this famous criminal. Grab your suitcase as we solve clues and learn about different cultures and places!


Whether or not you ever found Carmen Sandiego as a child, we should be able to catch her now that we’re grown-ups. Right? …Right?

Put on your sleuth suits as we earn some serious frequent flyer miles in Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? by urnam0! This one’s got enough educational facts to choke a horse, but enough exciting twists and turns to bring that horse back to life so that we can ride it off into the sunset. Also, I’m terrible at idiom-based metaphors.

As for our special characters this week, we’ve assembled the best detective force possible – Lupin III (Eric), Batman (Jen) and Scruff McGruff (Peter). Will our heroes succeed in tracking down the devious criminals, or will they be left in the dust as Carmen and her gang get away with stealing some precious items and locations? Find out by listening, now that you’re done reading!

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