Korndorf is the Bachelor! [Go Your Own Way E15]

This week we decide to feature our favorite villainous character from the previous story, Korndorf, in a new season of the Bachelor. He is decidedly evil and intolerant of any emotions, so he should be the perfect man, right?


What better way to find true love than to choose from a couple dozen beautiful women on national television? And what better man to be in this situation than the dark and deranged Korndorf (a character we’re borrowing from last week’s story, Clover Seven: Part 2). Things attempt to get steamy in this slow-dancing, butt-observing episode as we play You’re the Bachelor by janemcg. Will all of the women fight to the death for Korndorf’s love, or will he show a soft side toward that special someone? Let us assault your ears with our strange version of literature.

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