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Hello Overmental Community! Today I’m very excited to reveal the next stage of our 2015 plan. After speaking with many of you, the request I’ve been hearing the most is that you want to get involved in podcasting.

You’ve asked how you can be on our podcasts, learn how to podcast, create your own podcasts, etc. Well I’ve heard you loud and clear, so let’s make it happen!

Podcasting: Now with 100% more you.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be launching Community Podcasting, beginning with four brand new shows, all of which will have rotating hosting slots for anyone who wants to get involved. These will be organized through a new Facebook group, with episode schedules and topics posted ahead of time so you can sign-up if you’re interested.

If you want in on this new group, just get in touch with me via email or Facebook for an invite. At this time though, we are only accepting those of you who have been active writers in our community section.

We want to make sure that we launch these shows with people whose work we’re familiar with, but if you haven’t submitted any articles yet, don’t worry! Dive in and get involved, and podcasting will be waiting for you when you’re ready!

What are these new shows?

There will be more information available in the new group, but for those of you who are interested, the first four shows in our Community Podcast Network will be:

  • Virtual Worlds: A discussion of virtual reality/augmented reality, and its evolving place in gaming, entertainment, and tech.


  • Canon Junkies: A discussion of shared universe fiction; Marvel, Star Wars, and everything in between.


  • Geeks on the Road: A travel and convention culture podcast exploring events and nerdy hang-out spots across the country.


  • Overmentalizing: A podcast for over-analyzing movies, TV shows, and video games. Fan theories, urban legends, speculation, and more.


These four will join the network of podcast we currently host, which will now categorized as Creator-Run Shows. All of these will continue as before, and if any of those teams would like to, they can open up guest host slots to the community as well.

So what’s next?

Once we get these initial shows off the ground, we’ll be looking to expand our community’s podcasting abilities in even more ways. This will include the ability to start and host your own podcasts, and if there’s enough demand, online classes covering the technical and practical know-how of podcasting.

As always, let me know if you have any questions, comments, or insight! If you’d like to schedule some one-on-one time to chat, just let me know and we’ll Skype it out.

I’m looking forward to revealing the next few community endeavors we’re currently developing once they’re ready. In the meantime, let’s make some podcasts!


If you’re looking to join our community, just register for an account and/or come hangout with us in our Facebook group!

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