Mass Effect Andromeda Story Leak – Speculation and Analysis

A supposed leak on Reddit, if it is to be believed, has revealed new details about Mass Effect 4. The new information sounds very plausible given what Bioware has set forth as the creative goals for the game, as well as the details of the production we have so far. Even if they are fake or exaggerated, they can still give us an idea on what Bioware has in store for us for their next chapter in the Mass Effect saga.

Today, we’ll talk about the story they’re setting up and how it relates to the Mass Effect trilogy we know and love.

Where does Mass Effect 4 take place?

According to the leak, it’s pretty obvious why Mass Effect 4 won’t tie into the trilogy: it doesn’t take place in the same galaxy. The game is reportedly set in the Helius Cluster, a group of hundreds of star systems in the Andromeda Galaxy. The map for that cluster is reportedly 4 times the size of Mass Effect 3’s galaxy map, which means we’re going to be engaging in plenty of exploration in the style of the first Mass Effect.


And the Andromeda Galaxy? How’d you get so far over there?

Unknown, but presumably it was through a very, very long range Mass Relay.

So, who are you playing and what’s their mission in the Helius Cluster?

You are a Pathfinder, “a combat trained but un-tested explorer leading an expedition into the Helius Cluster to establish a new home for humanity.” It seems your goal is one of exploration in order to find idea locations for colonies comprised of species that inhabited the Milky Way such as Humans, Krogan, and Asari. While the first Mass Effect was very much about Humans proving themselves in an established galaxy, Mass Effect 4 is about exploring a dangerous sect of uncharted space and taming the wilderness.

Me4 Pathfinder

Why? While we don’t know the timeframe, perhaps it’s a contingency plan to escape the incoming Reaper invasion. However, it should be worth noting the Helius Cluster is “far removed by time and space” from the original Mass Effect trilogy, calling into question when it happens in the timeline. If we were to speculate, it stands to reason either your character did something very wrong or very right to land themselves on the frontier. Knowing Bioware, it’s very possible they’ll leave it up to the player to decide whether you have been exiled or rewarded with a command like Captain Kirk.

Will you travel in a ship?

Yes, it seems you will have your own ship (referred to as “Tempest”) like the previous games and a crew to man it. It’s curious that your ship is not referred to as “The Tempest,” which may imply that the ship is not named that, so much as it is a “Tempest Class” ship.

It’s back! And hopefully they fixed the steering.


You will also have access to a land rover called the “Mako” according to the leak, which follows Bioware’s past statements that they want to focus on exploration. You can also give your Mako a custom paintjob.

Next page, we’ll delve into the crew and main story.

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