SDCC ’15: “I Want to Kiss It Do Death,” Lets Look The Doctor Who Series 9 Trailer!

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The mad man in the blue box is back again in a brand new trailer. Let’s see what we can spot!


We start off with the TARDIS exploding. Which is exactly how the 12th Doctor’s life began. So, so far, par for the course.


Danny? Danny Pink? Are you not dead?


Every new Doctor Who series trailer hits us with a bunch of images from new episodes. Some are important, some are one-offs. So while I am really tempted to say that this is a sewer in the TARDIS, this could just be a random alien/future sewer.


These may be some kind of robots, or ever bunkers. In the trailer, we saw some nuclear imagery, so this could take place in a time or space where radiation is a major concern.


No, seriously, Danny, is that YOU!?




OK, is it just me, or those this really look like 90’s Cyclops from the Age of Apocalypse? Are we getting a cross-over!?


Missy’s back. We kinda already knew that. But still. Ooh, I wonder what that red dot’s about? Someone trying to snipe her head off? Or is the Doctor just being cheeky? Or BOTH?


Man, I really what to say this is Gallifrey. But it’s not. No way would they reveal that in a trailer. But hey, maybe a flashback?


Are we back on Karn?


Clara is back in the Impossible Astronaut suit. The same suit that was worn by the 10th Doctor, 12th Doctor, and her potential great grandson.


Zygon! Not only do they make a return from the 50th Anniversary, but they could tie into the return of Osgood. Osgood seemingly died at the hands of Missy at then end of Series 8, but remember, Zygon’s are shape-shifters. So did we see HUMAN Osgood die, or was it Zygon Osgood?


Nothing of note. I just think Capaldi really pulls off the rock star look.


Doctor Who fans, say hello to Maisie Williams. Better known to the world as Arya Stark from Game of Thrones, Williams will be playing a character not unfamiliar to the Doctor. Now, after her “what took you so long, old man” remark, I immediately thought Susan Foreman, the Doctor’s first companion and long lost granddaughter. Hell, Capaldi ever said that if the Doctor had a choice in companions, “he’d like to see his granddaughter again.” Now this could be way off, but we never know with Doctor Who until the episode proper.

Doctor Who Series 9 will start its new adventures in space and time on September 19th, 2015.

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