‘Sense8’ S1E2 Episode Recap: I Am Also A We

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Will pays Deshawn a visit in the hospital.   Deshawn’s recovering nicely, even cracking jokes.  They both bond over the fact that both of their fathers were shot.  Deshawn’s father died, while Will’s father survived.  Will’s father was a cop and his career suffered after being shot.  Will also reminisces about his youth.  He was quite the hell raiser.  His father would constantly have to get him out of trouble.   It appears becoming a cop mellowed Will.


But trouble seems to be coming once again.  Will is able to pull the footage from the building that appeared in WIll’s vision.  It proves that Will might be on to something.  However, there is two hours deleted from the footage.  Will wants to find out who deleted it and why.  Another problem arises when an agent from Homeland Security pays a visit to inform the police department.  He informs the officers that Jonas, the man that appeared in the vision with Angelica, is a dangerous criminal.


Lito goes to visit his lover, Hernando.  Lito is afraid of the public learning he’s gay.  Lito uses Daniela as ‘arm candy’ so the public won’t find out the truth.  This fear almost becomes reality when his co-star, Daniela, shows up.  She wants Lito and won’t take no for an answer.  She finds Hernando in Lito’s bed.  Not only is she not angry, she even offers to keep Lito’s secret.  Lito is worried that Daniela might be up to something.  She could be pretending to be helpful only to use this to her advantage.

Nomi finds herself in the hospital.  While attending the Pride Parade, she passed out.  A doctor, Dr. Metzger, informed her she’s suffering from UFLS: Undifferentiated Frontal Lobe Syndrome.    There’s a growth damaging her brain.  Unless she receives surgery, she’ll die.  A nurse comes into her room and tries to give Nomi medicine.  She informs Nomi that Dr. Metzger and Nomi’s family signed papers that Nomi is a danger to herself and others.  She can’t leave until Dr. Metzger allows her to leave. She is more confused when Jonas appears in her room.  He tells Nomi that Dr. Metzger is lying to her and she needs to escape.

Amanita calls shortly after to see what’s wrong.  Nomi tells her she hallucinated a man, Jonas, appearing in her room.  Nomi tells her about the operation.  Nomi is scared of the hallucinations so she doesn’t know what to believe.  Amanita assures her she’s not crazy because Jonas was at the parade.  Nomi took pictures at the parade, one of them had Jonas in it.  Amanita believes her and promises Nomi that she won’t leave her there.  They’ll both find a way to get Nomi to safety.

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Later that night, Will goes to a nearby store to buy some medicine to help him sleep.  He runs into Jonas who assures him he’s not the dangerous criminal.  He tells Will he needs to help a woman, Nomi.  Jonas assures Will that he and the others, the ‘Sensates’ aren’t crazy.  The reason Will is having headaches is because his power is awakening.  Jonas attempts to leave, but Will tries to arrest him.  Jonas flees and the chase is on.

Now we’re getting somewhere.  It appears the Sensates are teaming up.  We witness a scene where Wolfgang is on a date yet sees Kala at her wedding.  Will starts to see Riley in the mirror.  I wonder if this hints at possible romance or these characters will share specific powers.  It’s still unclear what these characters will be able to achieve.

We’re seeing more of the characters’ back stories.  We meet Kala’s fiancé, Rajan.  He seems like a really nice guy.  Kala is trying to make it work for her family’s sake.  Nomi’s family refuses to acknowledge her wish to be a woman.  Her mother refers to her as ‘Michael.’  It seems that even her doctor is out to get her.  Will is facing backlash for saving Deshawn’s life.  Some friends of his father call Will a ‘traitor.’  Hopefully, Will can catch Jonas so he can get some answers.  This series is definitely getting more interesting.

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