7 Star Wars Games That Need Sequels


We’ve had a lot of Star Wars games over the years. Unlike most licensed franchises, we’ve been graced with more good entries than bad. Some have even managed to become gaming classics in their own right, paving the way for other franchises to follow their example. Dark Forces, Tie Fighter, and Jedi Knight are just some of the games that manage to set the standard for their respective genres, while others such as The Force Unleashed pushed the technology of the time to its limit.

Now that The Force Awakens is rising Star Wars adoration back to a fever pitch, maybe it’s time to revisit some of these timeless games and give them the sequels they deserve. After all, if Battlefront can do it why not other classics? Here are some of our picks

1. Super Return of the Jedi


The Super Star Wars games were fantastic side scrollers on the Super Nintendo, Game Gear, and the Gameboy. You could choose your character for each level. With Han you could fire wildly with your blaster while jumping through the air. Luke could reflect blaster bolts with your lightsaber and use the Force. By far the best of the games was Super Return of the Jedi, which let you play as Luke, Han, Chewbacca, Leia, and Wicket. You could even pilot the Millennium Falcon as Lando.

Why not make a Super The Force Awakens? Sure, it would be a smaller digital release, but if done correctly it could call back to the same time in Star Wars fandom the new films are trying to invoke. You could play as Finn, Poe, and Rey in addition to the returning characters of the Original Trilogy. Set the whole thing to retro graphics and music and you have a nostalgia trip worth taking.

2. X-Wing and Tie Fighter

Tie Fighter

This one is a no-brainer. Tie Fighter is widely considered the best Star Wars game ever made and quite possibly the best flight sim to ever be put on PC. Both X-Wing and Tie Fighter made you feel like an everyman pilot in the Star Wars universe, easily overcoming any graphical limitations of 90’s PC games. The gameplay was deep but not overly complicated, the missions were challenging, and the stories engaging. Just imagine what they could do with today’s technology. Flight sims are making something of a comeback, so hopefully someone at Lucasfilm or EA is listening…

3. Rogue Squadron

Rogue Leader

While a little more arcade-like than their PC flight sim cousins, the Rogue Squadron games have a loyal and devoted following. The first N64 game was a little rough around the edges, but it explored a lot of areas from the Expanded Universe making it a wonderful tour of the Star Wars galaxy. The sequel, Rogue Leader, was (and still is) a graphical powerhouse that allowed you to play out some fantastic fantasies in all your favorite ships. While the third game, Rebel Strike, was a bit of a disappointment, there’s still a lot of love and potential for the franchise. Imagine another attempt at recreating the Battle of Endor on current gen consoles… wouldn’t that be worth the wait?

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