Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser #2 – Analysis, Speculation, and Theories

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A new Star Wars: Episode VII trailer was revealed today at Celebration, and although it’s just a “teaser,” it shows a ton of new stuff.

First of all, make sure you’ve watched the trailer before we go any further!

As confirmed in the livestream this morning, this isn’t Tatooine. Instead, it’s a new planet called “Ja Koo” (J’Coo? JyaQuoo? Jacu?), although clearly we don’t have the spelling down yet.

star wars force awakens trailer 2 1 new planet

This planet is where Daisy Ridley’s character Rey lives. She’s a scavenger who makes a home out of an abandoned ship scrapyard, foraging for what she needs.

If you missed the stream, here’s what she looks like:

rey 1

That little blip in the left hand corner looks like  Rey’s speeder bike from the first trailer…

… Which zips into this amazing landscape. Remnants of the war between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire? That’s definitely a wrecked X-Wing and Star Destroyer, so it seems likely.

star wars force awakens trailer 2 2 wrecked ships

We then hear the voice of Luke Skywalker: “The Force is strong in my family.”

“My father has it.” Holy crap, Vader’s helmet survived.

star wars force awakens trailer 2 3 vader

This is almost definitely Luke, in exile somewhere. He still has R2-D2 though, and his robo-hand.

star wars force awakens trailer 2 4 luke

“My sister has it.”

A child hands a lightstaber to a woman. From the accompanying VO, are we to assume this is Leia? It’s hard to tell from just the hands, although she is wearing a giant ring, so that might help identify her later.

star wars force awakens trailer 2 5 lightsaber

That’s not just any lightsaber though, that’s Anakin Skywalker’s… the one that Luke lost in Cloud City. Who found it?

On closer inspection, that’s probably not a child either (at least not a human one). Check out the shape of her face.

star wars force awakens trailer 2 6 alien child

“You have that power too.” Who is Luke talking to here? Finn or Rey? His son (unconfirmed, but very much rumored)?

A beautiful shot of some X-Wing’s flying over water. Note that these are the new models we saw in the first teaser, and not the classix X-Wing design from the original trilogy.

star wars force awakens trailer 2 7 x-wings

Here’s Poe Dameron again, played by Oscar Isaac. According to the livestream this morning, he’s on a secret mission from Princess Leia herself.

star wars force awakens trailer 2 8 poe dameron

Kylo Ren being evil, etc.

star wars force awakens trailer 2 9 kylo ren 3

Rey, Finn, and BB-8 running from an explosion. The location looks like Rey’s scrapyard home. Does Finn’s presence bring on some kind of an attack? You can see a little Tie Fighter in the distance on the left-hand side.

star wars force awakens trailer 2 10 finn rey bb8

Kylo Ren using some force powers. Some more images of the character leaked this morning if you want a better look at that mask.

star wars force awakens trailer 2 11 kylo ren


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  1. I am curious about the Tie fighter that was shooting up the other ones. If you look closely at it you can see that the front looks better protected then a standard Tie fight.
    (Special Tie
    (Standard Tie
    You can also see some red coloring on its right side and some sort of ring of rectangles butted up against the Tie’s solar panels. It seems kinda special, and I kinda think it might belong to the Chrome Trooper, just because the coloring looks like him.
    With that in mind, I wonder if this really is how Finn escapes and not something more. I mean granted this is speculation but I would figure that if you wanted to escape a Star Destroyer, you would try something less conspicuous then the Chrome Troopers, especially since he seems like a real badass and would be pissed at you for jacking his ride. Just a thought.

    1. Interesting! Could it be possible that there are two factions of the Empire? The First Order sounds like an almost religious/cultish initiative, it might make sense that not every Imperial leader would want to be a part of that.

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