Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Who Is Daisy Ridley’s Rey?

With the dropping of The Force Awaken’s second trailer, hype for the movie is reaching an all time high. Even with more than seven months to go, we’re feeling the pangs of nostalgia and wonder associated with the Original Trilogy. Even so, we know precious little about the new films. However, given the new pieces of information from Star Wars Celebration Anaheim and the new trailer, we can start to piece together parts of the new films and their players.

So, what do we know about Rey?

First and foremost, we know that Rey is a self sufficient scavenger on the planet Jakku according to rumors and Daisy Ridley’s own words on Thursday’s Force Awakens panel. She’s clearly good with technology, judging from her riding a speeder that appears to be converted from a starship engine. It’s very likely she’s been salvaging wrecks from the Battle of Jakku her whole life and converting them to meet her needs.


There was also a rumor that she’s converted the empty husk of a fallen AT-AT into a dwelling that seems to be confirmed by a behind the scenes set photo released on Thursday. If you look closely at the picture below, Ridley is clearly standing on the fallen leg of an AT-AT.


Do we know anything else about her?

Well, this is where it gets tricky. Based on what we know of the films, we always have a humble protagonist living in the hind end of space (usually a dusty hind end at that) with mysterious family roots who rises to meet a great destiny. With Anakin Skywalker, he was a slave boy on Tatooine who happened to be conceived by the Force. Luke Skywalker was a moisture farmer who also happened to be the hidden son of a Clone Wars hero and fallen Jedi Knight.

If the Sequel Trilogy wants to follow the formula (and they may well choose not to), it wouldn’t be a surprise if Rey had ties to characters to the past.

So it’s possible she’s the daughter of…?

Probably not Luke, but Han and Leia? It’s certainly possible. The actress looks the part, and it is a little suspicious she’s sitting between Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher in the first cast photo.


The plotline is also ripe with storytelling possibilities. If she is Han and Leia’s daughter, why is she on Jakku? Was she hidden away so the Empire/First Order wouldn’t find her? Was she abandoned there? There’s a lot of familiar, yet new, Star Wars angst to play because she suffered a similar fate as Luke and Anakin, only unlike them both her parents are still alive. Next page, we’ll delve into even more secrets her true identity could reveal.

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