Street Fighter V DLC Characters Revealed!

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Thanks to impatient fan and datamined audio files, the 6 mystery DLC characters for the Street Fighter V have been leaked to the internet. Enjoy!

I will Flash Kick You If You Don’t Get to the Characters!

Aright, alright, put down the well- timed charge move. While not an official reveal, the folks down at Shoryuken found various announcer audio files for the following characters:

  • Alex (Street Fighter 3)
  • Urien (Street Fighter 3)
  • Ibuki (Street Fighter 3)
  • Guile (Street Fighter 2)
  • Juri (Street Fighter 4)
  • Balrog [Boxer] (Street Fighter 2)

There’s also a “Fan” character that is most likely a brand new characters addition to the franchise. PC gamers where able to obtain this information thanks to the Beta version of Street Fighter V, which has been available for a while. The DLC characters’ existence where only announced a few weeks ago.


Notable inclusions, should they prove to be true, are Alex and Urien, two fan favorites and mainstays of the Street Fighter 3 trilogy. Both characters, Alex especially, have been much anticipated since Street Fighter’s return to prominence. Guile is no real surprise, considering that his best friend Nash was the first new character introduced to Street Fighter V. Ditto Balrog [Boxer], because you need a boxer in your fighting game. You just do. Juri’s inclusion is a little left field, but she does stand out more than the other new characters introduced in SF4. And Ibuki…yeah, I got nothing on Ibuki. Ninja’s are cool, I guess?

Street Fighter V official comes out on February 16, 2015.


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