The 20 Best Mobile and Social Games of 2014

Mobile and social games, those aren’t real video games! Well, as someone who finds Diablo III and The Simpsons: Tapped Out to be equally addictive, I have to disagree. In fact, I think some of the best new games this year debuted on the small, small screen.

So here are 20 of the best mobile and social games of 2014.

1. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – iPad


Free-to-play and microtransactions are generally not directions you want to see a respected developer head down. That being said, holy crap did Blizzard make it work. Their digital trading card game Hearthstone hit iPads earlier this year, and it succeeds in doing something that almost every other F2P title fails to. It makes you want to spend money, not because you’re stuck or frustrated, but because you’re having so much fun with the game that you want to see more of it.

Despite all of the F2P trappings working against it, it’s a pretty strong contender for my most-played game of the year, and if nothing else, it’s definitely my absolute favorite iPad experience of 2014.

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