The Flash: “The Trap” Review

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Full Spoilers Ahead

From how things ended last week there were bound to be huge events to unfold. Now that Barry and the rest of the team knew of Wells secret, it became a question of what they would do with that information. They were met with lots of revelations and finally found out where Wells stood in all of it.

Right at the get go we were dropped back where we left off with Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin in Wells’ secret lair (or “Time Vault” as they call it). Barry got a glimpse of his future which included him being married to Iris and being a founding member of ___ . Come on Barry! Let Gideon finish! I’m sure most nerds like myself watching the show geeked out over the possible Justice League reference. Smallville attempted to create their own version of the Justice League in the past so I hope that this reference doesn’t die here and they find a way to connect it with Arrow and other upcoming DC spinoff shows.

Cisco’s “dream” of his murder at the hands of Wells came back into play into one of the episodes strongest sequences. The effects used when viewing Cisco’s perspective from the dream world really added contrast between dream and reality. Getting to view how events unfolded from his point of view really sent chills down my spine as Wells was about to deal the fatal blow.

Speaking of Cisco it really should be noted how much comic relief he brings to the scenes he’s in. Tension was at an all time high for The Flash this week. Despite being on the heels of discovering his mentor is a master manipulator and a murderer, Cisco still managed to make me laugh with him nerding out at the beginning to Gideon and his commentary to himself, specifically about his shirt, while in the dream sequence. Even getting a giggle out of Joe!

With everything all on the table from then, the plan was set for Cisco to lure Wells back into the same scenario and try and coerce a confession out of him, all while trapping him. Although it did take awhile to get to the payoff was great. Once again the tension was high as an exact replica of what had happened weeks ago was happening once again. This time we were under the assumption that Cisco would survive the encounter and everything would work in his favor. Once everything went wrong and Joe was forced to take action and shoot Wells, in a shocking twist we found Joe had actually shot the villain Empty, from the week prior.


Here we finally were exposed to exactly how much Wells knows. Wells has been such a mystery ever since the pilot episode. While seeming like such a nice individual on the outside, the episode epilogues showed a much different man than the one our heroes knew. I mentioned last week how uneasy his talks were with the other characters and pondered how much he knew of their secret plan to try and expose him. Apparently he knew everything and came clean in a very compelling monologue. Although he had developed affection for Barry and the rest of them, his endgame had remained the same. Barry needs to die. The question of if a portion of the real Harrison Wells still lives in Eobard Thawne seems to have been answered this week as well with a resounding no.

It looks like all trouble for Eddie from here on out. Already dealing with Joe not giving him his blessing to marry Iris, he gets kidnapped by Thawne. Also revealed to him was his relation to Eobard and how he is being kept as “insurance”. What that means only time will tell.

Last but not least: Iris finally knows! It seems pretty quick how all the main characters now know who the Flash is in contrast to Arrow and how it took three seasons for everyone to finally be filled in. Still it worked out for the best and showed how special the bond between Iris and Barry is by having Iris figure out the truth on her own.

An overall eventful episode finally gave us our true villain of season one. With three episodes remaining a huge showdown seems imminent.

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