The Walking Dead: 6 Characters Who Will Be Killed Off By Season 6


1. Daryl Dixon

This has got to be addressed before we go any further. Daryl Dixon is the anomaly of the show.

Daryl, for those who are unaware, does not actually exist in the Walking Dead comic series that the AMC TV show is based on. That means that he could realistically be killed off anytime the show creators feel like killing him off, since there’s no comic book narrative shaping his direction on the show.

On the flip side of the equation, Daryl is also arguably the most popular character in the show and Greg Nicotero and crew aren’t likely to poke that particular bear with a stick anytime soon.

As long as Norman Reedus’ fantastic portrayal of the character is met with such overwhelming adulation, I don’t see Daryl biting it anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean it can’t (or won’t) happen.

Likelihood of death by Season 6: 5%

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