The Weird, Wonderful Worlds of Rick and Morty




Miscellaneous TV Universes – Rixty Minutes (1.08)

rick and morty - corn world

A universe where man evolved from corn.

rick and morty - eat shit

A universe where people make movies about eating their own (purple) poop.

rick and morty - violent antique show

A universe with a violent antique show.

rick and morty - bear web

Whatever the hell this is.

rick and morty - Schm-verse

A universe where every proper noun begins with “shcmla-.”

rick and morty - game of thrones

A universe where Tyrion is the tallest character on Game of Thrones.

rick and morty - no pants baseball

A universe without pants.

rick and morty - quick mystery

A universe with a “Quick Mysteries” TV show.

rick and morty - ants in my eyes

The universe where Ants in my Eyes Johnson lives.

rick and morty - mr sneezy

The universe where Mr. Sneezy is selling sneezy cars.

rick and morty - thriller

A universe where everyone is a phone. Seen again (and visited) in “Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind.”

rick and morty - brothers

The universe where this amazing movie exists.

rick and morty - ball fondlers

A universe with a “Ball Fondlers” TV show.

rick and morty - snl

A universe where SNL features a piece of toast that’s feuding with Bobby Moynihan.

rick and morty - real fake doors

A universe with Real Fake Doors (and really long commercials).

rick and morty - Gazorpazorpfield

A universe with a “Gazorpazorpfield” TV show. Also Lorenzo Music is still alive.

rick and morty - trunk people

A universe with Trunk People.

rick and morty - lucky charms

A universe that has incredibly violent cereal commercials.

rick and morty - turbulent juice

A universe where sex sells… Turbulent Juice, apparently.

rick and morty - baby legs

A universe with a “Baby Legs” cop show.


More TV Universes – Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate (2.08)

rick and morty - man vs car

A universe with a “Man vs. Car” show.

rick and morty - eyehole man

A universe where a cereal mascot is the only one who’s allowed to have eyeholes (Eyeholes: sold at IKEA, Target, Wal-Mart, CVS, and Rite Aid).

rick and morty - how did i get here

A universe with “How Did I Get Here?”

rick and morty - jan michael vincent

A universe that’s reaaallly into Jan-Michael Vincent.

rick and morty - stealy

A universe with Stealy, who stars in his own TV show, “The Adventures of Stealy.”

rick and morty - standup

A universe with a “Funny Songs” TV show.

rick and morty - lilbits

A universe with a Lil’Bits restaurant.

rick and morty - michael pichael

A universe where Michael Thompson and Pichael Thompson are conjoined twins with TV shows.

rick and morty - plumbus

A universe where everyone owns a plumbus.

rick and morty - personal space show

A universe where this guy somehow got a TV show on BBC Two.

rick and morty - gobble gobble

A universe where the “Gobble Gobble” aliens have a sports show.

rick and morty - octopus man

A universe with Octopus Man.

rick and morty - butthole ice cream parlor

A universe with a Butthole Ice Cream Parlor.


Bonus Round: The Intro!

So far, there have been a bunch of clips from the intro that we haven’t seen in the main show. I have no idea if these are ideas for future episodes or throwaway gags, but either way, here’s a couple more:

rick and morty - frogs

A world with giant, carnivorous frog-things.

rick and morty - cthulhu

A world with some kind of flying Cthulhu monster.

rick and morty - test tubes

A world where… this is happening.

rick and morty - ricks station

Some kind of space station where a bunch of Ricks are working.

rick and morty - cthulhu 2

And seriously, what the hell is up with that Cthulhu monster?

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