Tomorrowland Trailer #2: Shot-by-Shot Analysis and Breakdown


After a few awesome teasers, Tomorrowland has finally gotten a full-on trailer, and there a ton of hidden surprises.

But first, here’s the trailer in case you missed it:

“With every second that ticks by, the future is running out.” Ominous stuff George Clooney.

tomorrowland trailer analysis 1

What happens in 63 days? This guy seems to know:

tomorrowland trailer analysis 2

Clooney’s character is named Frank, a former boy genius with insider knowledge about a place in between time and space called “Tomorrowland.”

But meanwhile, on Earth, things are going to hell.

tomorrowland trailer analysis 3

Notice the “Probability” readout of 100%. 100% probability of what though? The little text above “Probability” reads, “APX Core Functions.” No idea what that means.

That’s a weird way to measure International Relations:

tomorrowland trailer analysis 4

Some brief shots of everything falling apart:

Civil unrest.

tomorrowland trailer analysis 5


tomorrowland trailer analysis 6

A huuuge smoke plume. Fire? Or… a bomb?

tomorrowland trailer analysis 7

More fires.

tomorrowland trailer analysis 8

Something big is going down in Europe, but I can’t quite tell what that mish-mash of colors is. Is it people? Or makeshift buildings? Maybe both? Either way, it’s a mess. There are open fires burning, and you can even see a burned out bus in the background.

tomorrowland trailer analysis 9

Even more fires, and a lightning storm on the horizon. Cheery stuff.

tomorrowland trailer analysis 10

It’s worth noting the video overlay effect on these images, probably implying that Frank is watching them on his monitors.

Now we see Britt Robertson’s character, a teenage girl named Casey, watching similar images on the news. The caption reads, “rampant looting across east coast,” followed by, “severe weather…”

tomorrowland trailer analysis 11 tomorrowland trailer analysis 12 Britt Robertson as Casey

Here’s the scene that made up most of the original teaser. Casey finds the Tomorrowland pin, which somehow gives her visions of the actual place whenever she touches it.

tomorrowland trailer analysis 13 pin

tomorrowland trailer analysis 14 gif

A better look at the Tomorrowland pin (I want one). Notice she’s now holding paper over it to keep it from doing it’s thing.

tomorrowland trailer analysis 14

Casey trying to explain it to her father. Is that Tim McGraw? I’m not that familiar with that actor, so I’m having a hard time deciding.

tomorrowland trailer analysis 15 Tim McGraw

A very, very weird looking scene. Also another good look at the city towards the end of the shot.

tomorrowland trailer analysis 16

Casey tracks Frank down in her search for answers. Frank has a holo-dog.

tomorrowland trailer analysis 17 hologram dog

And a force field thing.

tomorrowland trailer analysis 17 force field

A fantastic look at the city. On the right there’s a sign that’s cut off, but I’m pretty sure it reads, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” That’s a quote from Albert Einstein. A viral marketing ARG for Tomorrowland earlier this year revealed that Einstein was a member of Tomorrowland’s secret “Plus Ultra” society.

tomorrowland trailer analysis 18 city

We don’t know if this information is canon to the film, or if it was just a bit of fun fluff for the marketing campaign, but according to the ARG, the Plus Ultra society was formed at the 1889 World’s Fair by Gustave Eiffel, Thomas Edison, and Jules Verne. The society was meant to be a collective of “optimists,” and historical figures like Amelia Earhart, Mark Twain, Nikola Tesla, and Ray Bradbury all became members.

Furthermore, the Tomorrowland area at Disneyland itself was a Plus Ultra project, created to be a training ground for future society members, to ready them for a journey to an alternate dimension the organization discovered. This is almost certainly the Tomorrowland city we see in the trailer.


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  1. Screening was a big disappointment. an annoying, inquisitve child shall lead them. lots of futuristic stuff but no science about how it came to exist. Although Nasa is implicated in movie, the producers should have consulted with REAL radical members of Nasa, quantum and digital physicists, AI and holographic universe experts. It would have been a more mind bending experience for the audience.

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