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The Puma Blues

September is here, which means summer is finally drawing to a close. Don’t be sad about the lack of sun though, there are more than a few reasons to stay inside as those temperatures begin to drop.

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If you like your reading with pictures (or the other way around), here’s our guide to the comic book worlds that we’ll be exploring this fall.

September 2

The Flash: Season Zero

The Flash Season Zero

TPB (12 Issues) – DC

This digital series is finally getting a physical release. Set during the first season of the CW show, this canon collection of stories follows Barry Allen as he struggles to balance his adventures as a superhero with his day-to-day life as a police CSI.



Ongoing – Image

Five suburban kids discover a dead body in the woods… a body that just so happens to be Plutona, the world’s greatest superhero.

Miracleman by Gaiman and Buckingham


Ongoing – Marvel

After a decades long rights dispute with Todd McFarlane, Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham return to finish their seminal run on Miracleman.


September 9

Star Wars: Shattered Empire

Star Wars Shattered Empire

Miniseries (4 Issues) – Marvel

The first installment of this four issue mini-series will be one of our first looks into the new Star Wars canon after the end of Return of the Jedi. The story will find the Rebel Alliance struggling to continue their momentum after the crushing defeat they handed the Empire over the moon of Endor. New threats will emerge as the surviving Imperial Moffs and regional governors jockey for power in the wake of the Emperor’s sudden death.

Harley Quinn Road Trip Special


One-Shot – DC

Harley takes Poison Ivy and Catwoman on road trip across the US, need I say more?

Faster Than Light


Ongoing – Image

This near future sci-fi story chronicles humanity’s first brush with FTL travel. It’s being described as a blend of the “idealism of the original Star Trek and the grit and immediacy of Gravity.” Sign me up.



Ongoing – BOOM Studios!

Tyson Hesse is rebooting his popular webcomic as a BOOM! miniseries. Set in a world of airships and flying cities, the comic follows Dee Diesel, the young daughter of a legendary pilot. Unfortunately, she’s nowhere near qualified to live up to her father’s legacy, and finds herself working as a garbage collector while her childhood rival inherits the Diesel family airship. When a mysterious flying engine crashes into her life though, she sets off on her own to see if she has what it takes to become a hero in her own right.


September 16

Tokyo Ghost

Tokyo Ghost

Ongoing – Image

In the dystopian future of 2089, humanity is literally addicted to technology, with people begging, killing, and stealing to get their next “digital fix.” Two enforcers for the gangs who run this industry are sent to take down the last tech-free country in the world: the Garden Nation of Tokyo.


September 23

Avatar: The Last Airbender – Smoke and Shadows


Ongoing – Dark Horse

Smoke and Shadows is a canon addition to the Avatar universe, continuing the series of comics that have been released since the show ended in 2008 (you may want to catch up on those first). In this three-part arc, Aang and his crew must deal with a new threat to Zuko’s rule in the Fire Nation, as a mysterious prophecy and political unrest threaten to put his father back on the throne.


September 29

Secret Coders


TPB – First Second

In this all-ages comic, three students of the Stately Academy discover encrypted codes and puzzles left behind by the school’s enigmatic founder. The catch? To solve the mystery, the trio will need to become masters of computer programming.


September 30

From Under Mountains


Ongoing – Image

Welcome to the world of Akhara, an original fantasy setting that we don’t know a lot about yet, but is intriguing the hell out of us with every preview. The story is set amidst warring, rival houses, as a lord’s daughter, a disgraced knight, and a thief find themselves confronted with ancient and mysterious powers.


October 7

Batman And Robin Eternal


Miniseries (8 Issues) – DC

The long-awaited sequel to Batman Eternal. Five years ago, Batman and Robin investigated a mysterious and deadly human trafficker known only as “Mother.” When the darkest secrets of that case reemergence to threaten Gotham, Dick Grayson and his allies are forced to contend with its consequences, without the help of their mentor Bruce Wayne.


telos dc comics

Ongoing – DC

The big bad of the Convergence event is getting his own series, “journeying across time and space in search of his past.”

Paper Girls

Paper Girls

Miniseries – Image

Image is playing the story of this one pretty close to the chest, but what we do know has us very intrigued. Brian K. Vaughan writes this tale of four twelve-year-old newspaper delivery girls who on one fateful day, “uncover the most important story of all time.”


October 7

Survivors Club


Ongoing – Vertigo

Six people from around the world find each other through the internet. Their common bond? They all survived a supernatural encounter: a killer doll, a haunted house, a cursed arcade machine. The group bands together to face a new occult threat to the world, in this homage to 80s horror movies.


October 14

The Twilight Children

The Twilight Children

Ongoing – Vertigo

A remote South American village, a mysterious white orb that blinds children, a beautiful woman from the sea, CIA agents, and maybe even an alien invasion? We’re looking forward to seeing how all of this connects.

I Hate Fairyland

i hate fairyland

Ongoing – Image

In Skottie Young’s Image Comics debut, a six year old girl is whisked away to the whimsical realm of Fairyland… and then gets stuck there for 30 years. I Hate Fairyland is her violent, blood-soaked quest to finally find a way home.

Superman: Lois and Clarke

superman Lois and Clarke

Ongoing – DC

Superman and Lois Lane’s world is destroyed during Convergence, leaving them stranded on an alternate Earth as the sole survivors of their reality.


switch comic image

Ongoing – Image

This hugely popular webcomic is being adapted into an ongoing series at Image. A teenage girl discovers a mysterious artifact that grants her immense power in what’s being described as Witchblade meets Batgirl.


Iscariot comic Archaia

Hardcover – BOOM!/Archaia

A young girl with cancer is taken under the wing of a 400-year-old magician named Iscariot.


October 21

Back To The Future

back to the future comic idw

Miniseries (4 Issues) – IDW

Doc and Marty are back for new adventures set before and during the movie trilogy. The series, endorsed by both Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis, will include the story of how Doc and Marty met, and Doc’s strange history with the Manhattan project.

Transformers: Redemption

transformers redemption

One-Shot – IDW

The Dinobots are given a shot at redemption, undetaking a mission to help reclaim the Transformers’ homeworld.


October 28

Black Magick


Ongoing – Image

It’s being described as “witch noir,” following a police detective who also happens to be descended from a long line of powerful witches.


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