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Hey everyone, we are less than a few days away from the final transition from the old 8CN site to the new Overmental one. In case you are uncertain about anything, I put together an FAQ with answers to some of the questions I’ve been getting. If you need answers on anything that doesn’t appear here, please shoot me an email, or post on the Facebook group, and I’ll make sure to address it as soon as possible!

What will transfer over and what won’t?

While the new site does not share very much functionality with the old one, we will be preserving all of the user accounts and articles. Unfortunately though, due to the differences between the two sites, some things will need to be recreated after the move.

What will transfer:

  • Your username.
  • Your old articles (over time, see below).

What won’t transfer:

  • Your password (you will need to reset it, see “How do I log in” below).
  • Your articles page views (for now). These may be ported over at later date, we are still working out that pipeline.
  • Author blurbs and profile pictures.
  • Comments from the old site.

How do I log in to the new site?

Open the login widget by clicking on this button.


This little window will open. Since you do not have a password yet, go ahead and type nothing in, and click the big LOGIN button.


This will take you to this page, where you can click on the option to recover your password. Type in your email address

tutorial-3 tutorial-4
Once you’ve reset your password, you’ll be able to log in and begin publishing writing.

I can’t log in, my email and/or username is not recognized.

This likely means that there was a spelling error when we recreated your account. This is not a problem though, just shoot me an email with your username, and I will make sure it is recreated properly.

Do my featured images still need to be 650×300?

Nope, you’re now free to use any size/dimensions for your front page images. Generally, pictures that are much wider than they are tall look better, but it is up to you. Feel free to experiment to see what looks best for you!

What should I do once I log in?

Once you’re in, the first thing you should do is recreate your author bio (the text that appears at the end of your articles), and upload a new profile picture. You can do both by scrolling over your username in the top right-hand corner and selecting Edit My Profile.

Where are all my old posts?

Articles will be migrated over gradually, with the newer ones (usually) taking priority. If for any reason at all you need something ported over sooner (for a portfolio or job application, or to complete a series you are working on for example), just get in touch with any of the editors. We will move those articles up to the top of the queue.

I need to get back on to the old site.

The old site will be indefinitely archived at Feel free to visit or log on for any reason, but keep in mind that no new articles will be migrated from the 8CN site to Overmental.

Are the editors’ email addresses changing?

Yes, but you can still reach us at our old ones.

I’m a podcaster, how is this going to affect me?

Not very much, aside from using the new Overmental post editor. Otherwise, all of your old podcast episodes have already been moved to the new server, and your RSS and iTunes links are still exactly the same.

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