14 Awesome Easter Eggs Hidden in Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 took home the Oscar last night for Best Animated Feature. What better time to revisit the movie (especially now that it’s on blu-ray), and poke around for all of the easter eggs we can find!

1. Bulletin Board Cameos


Prince Hans from Frozen is a wanted man, and to the right, Nathan Greno and Byron Howard, the directors of Tangled and Bolt respectively. All three of those movies were produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

2. Hans (Again)


Prince Hans makes a second cameo as the statue that Baymax destroys. Check out that shot in motion:


3. Adorable Graffiti


That’s the Greek symbol for “Phi,” followed by “st.” Phi-st. Feast. Get it? Feast was the short film that debuted in front of Big Hero 6. The paw prints and parsley sprig are in reference to that adorable little story.

4. Bolt!


Speaking of dogs, Bolt makes a little cameo in a photo on the police officer’s desk. Next to him is also a framed picture of Esther, an animal shelter guard from that movie.

5. Officer Gerson


And while we’re at it, here’s one more with that grumpy cop. His nametag reads “Gerson,” a reference to Daniel Gerson, who co-wrote the screenplay for Big Hero 6.

6. Wreck-It-Ralph


Ralph makes a little cameo as a figurine on top of Hiro’s computer monitor.

7. Oswald


Also in Hiro’s room is this sticker of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Oswald was one of Walt Disney’s earliest characters, and a precursor to Mickey Mouse.

8. Orka and Black Talon


Someone working on Big Hero 6 was apparently a fan of obscure Marvel characters. Orka and Black Talon were 70s-era characters who only appeared a few times. Orka had a belt which gave him the strength of a killer whale, while Black Talon dressed like a chicken and wore an upside-down cross on his chest. These two aren’t about to get a movie anytime soon, is basically what I’m trying to say.

9. Manphibian and Sleepwalker


The obscure Marvel character parade continues with two more random cameos.

10. Hero’s Duty


You can find another Wreck-It-Ralph easter egg with this Hero’s Duty space marine armor.

11. Area 51


Fred has an arcade game called District 51, a clear reference to the classic Area 51.

12. Iron Man?


A guy wearing a very familiar bit of facial hair makes an appearance in the university lab scene. Adding to the Tony Stark reference is  Dum-E, the robotic arm from the movies, what looks like a giant arc reactor, and a cat with little Iron Man boots.

13. A113


Big Hero 6 isn’t a Pixar movie, but they still couldn’t resist dropping an A113 reference. A113 is an easter egg that appears in every single Pixar movie. It’s a reference to the clasroom used by animation students at CalArts, the school that directors like John Lasseter and Brad Bird attended. You can see it briefly in Big Hero 6 in one of Hiro’s computer schematics.

14. Stan Lee


And of course, Stan Lee makes an appearance as Fred’s dad. It doesn’t end at a familiar look either, Lee also voiced the character.


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