15 TV Shows Turning 15 In 2015

Because it’s a year ending in the number “5”, I must write at least one thing about a piece of pop culture aging.

After all, the internet is for cats and making you feel shitty about yourself! So here are 15 TV shows that will make you realize you’re getting really old.

15. Malcolm in the Middle

I suppose when this show first aired in 2000, both the studios and audiences figured Frankie Muniz to be the breakout star as the titular character. Instead, he went on to make a few mediocre movies and has since disappeared into the indie filmmaking world with two films in pre and post-production this year. Instead, it was middle-aged dopey dad, Bryan Cranston who would go on to become one of the most recognizable actors in the world after Breaking Bad.

Oh yeah, and remember when Sum 41 was a thing?

14. Jackass

Yes, Johnny Knoxville and his band of merry idiots have been harming themselves for a whole 15 years now. Sadly, one of the show’s main stars Ryan Dunn was killed in a car crash in 2011.

13. Survivor (U.S.)

I’m really just as surprised as you are that this show has lasted so long and is STILL going on. At the end of each season an auction is held to sell off memorabilia from that season. The money is donated to charities, primarily  the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

At least we always get crazy moments…

12. Big Brother (U.S.)

Another group reality show, this long lasting series is basically Survivor but in a house and with less sandy bikini lines. Big Brother put a group of strangers in a house together and cut them off from TV, internet, and any outside communication. The highlight result of this kind of habitat? The fights!

11. Dora the Explorer

As we leave the idiocracy of adult programming for a moment, let’s reflect on the cartoon meant to teach young children Spanish. Yes, as adults we like to watch people eat bugs and punch each other while our kids learn to be bilingual.

10. Yes, Dear 

Yes, Dear ran from 2000 to 2006 on CBS and starred  Anthony Clark, Jean Louisa Kelly, Mike O’Malley, and Liza Snyder. It followed your basic dopey husbands/smart wives structure that was made popular by sitcoms around this time. And just to make you feel even older, you can watch re-runs of Yes, Dear on TV Land! Remember when they used to show things like Bewitched and I Love Lucy?

9. Gilmore Girls

Everybody’s favorite “cool mom” and daughter combo is turning 15. If this TV show were a person it would be planning a totally cool 15th birthday party at the local coffee shop.

8. Queer As Folk 

Technically Queer As Folk originally ran for on year in the UK prior to it’s American-Canadian release in 2000 on Showtime. Fun Fact: The original series in the UK was written by Doctor Who rescuer, Russell T. Davies. For the time, QaF was quite daring even for a premium channel. Most notably it helped put comedian Hal Sparks on the map. 

Possibly NSFW for language

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