3 Things We Learned from the Interstellar Trailer

The first full-length trailer for Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi epic Interstellar has arrived, and man, does it pack in a lot of information into a fairly short preview. To help sort through it all, we’ve broken the trailer down into three key points. Check out what we discovered below.

If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely give it a watch before going any further.

We Ran Out of Food

In the trailer we see huge dust storms and crops on fire, which confirms the rumors that climate change will be a key factor in why the interstellar space journey is necessary. It seems that we’ll need to travel beyond our solar system in the search for answers, and Matthew McConaughey is the right man for that job.


While the trailer implies that conditions will get worse over the course of the film, it doesn’t look like the situation is all too happy to begin with. The fact that an “Indian Surveillance Drone” is spotted on Cooper’s farm seems to indicate that the world’s nations aren’t on especially good terms with each other.


We Must Reach Far Beyond Our Own Lifespans

Michael Caine’s character says this over images of astronauts going into some kind of cryogenic sleep chambers, which may imply that Interstellar is taking a harder sci-fi stance on space travel, rather than the Star Wars/Star Trek FTL speed.


This fact also opens an interesting possibility for Jessica Chastain and Casey Affleck’s characters. So far, Nolan’s production has been so secretive that we don’t even know their names. Taking a look at their appearances though, could they be grown up versions of the kids we see in the beginning of the trailer?



If so, that seems to indicate that the film’s story takes place over decades. Given how long it would take to travel outside of our solar system though, that makes sense.

We Must Confront the Reality of Interstellar Travel

The trailer gives us a fantastic look at the film’s spaceship. The ship looks like it’s composed of a central craft surrounded by a rotating centrifugal device, presumably to generate artificial gravity (a la 2001).


We still don’t know very much about her character, but the trailer definitely points towards Anne Hathaway’s character being a key member of the space team.


We also get a cool shot of the ship flying past Saturn.


And whatever this is.


Here it looks like it’s entering the wormhole that will transport it out of our solar system.


Notice how space itself seems to bend around the craft as it travels through the wormhole. Pretty awesome stuff.


Despite what we’ve learned in this trailer, much of Interstellar is still wrapped in mystery. With a Nolan film though, that’s half the fun.

We’ll find out the secrets of the film when it hits theaters on November 7, 2014.

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