Add A Little Epic To Your Neighborhood By Rendering It As A Tolkien-esque Fantasy Map

That’s right, Mapsburgh will render your neighborhood or city as a fantasy map, complete with dragons for airports and creaking sailing vessels for ports. You also have the option of having your section of town rendered as a hand-cut paper map on a colored card stock. For extra fun pull out your fantasty map when walking down to the pub with friends and declare the whole outing a quest. Perhaps for a little extra money you can hide clues and riddles within the mapĀ National Treasure style and give it to an adventurous friend. Lord knows I had friends in high school who would have jumped at that little piece of adventure.

Seriously, not only is the style gorgeous, but it’s custom! I advise having some fun, even if it means spending extra money. Hell, might even make a unique, regional tattoo. No lame sports team logo or boring flag, but a charming piece of cartography. I may start digging around Etsy for this kind of stuff. Nerdery does seem to be ever increasingly overlapped with craftiness these days. In any case, enjoy the artistry, or, if you’ve got the spending money, buy a map. You’ll probably be the only one of your friends to have one.

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