NMW: Joe Bonamassa, Liars, Josh Groban, and More!!

Yet another week comes to a close which means it’s time for new music!! Each week a whole slew of new stuff is splooged onto the masses and I’m here to sift through it all. I’ll tell ya what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s a waste of your goddamn time! Thanks for stopping by!

The Big News

Bluesman Joe Bonamassa returns with Redemption.

Everything Else

Legendary legend Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top engages with a solo effort, The Big Bad Blues.

And the new Josh Groban will probably be very popular.

I’m sure Andrew Tran is excited about the new LIARS. I am too.

Canadian metal pioneers Voivod offer up The Wake.

One of the best bands ever, Supersuckers, unveil Suck It which is somehow not a recycled title in their catalog.

And new Metric. Art of Doubt is the seventh effort, and first since 2015, from the Canadian outfit. One of the best bands out there.

My Recommendation

New stuff from britpop luminaries Suede!!

Next Week

Tune in next week for new stuff from: Rod Stewart!!

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