Aiden Gillen (aka Littlefinger from Game of Thrones) Narrates The Art of War

Thanks to, Game of Thrones fans can indulge themselves in a lecture on deception, maneuvering, and pragmatism from the master of these arts: Littlefinger. Only this time he won’t be discussing Westeros, but ancient China. Aiden Gillen (who plays Littlefinger) has recently narrated Sun Tzu’s classic: The Art of War.

What is the Art of War? And why does Littlefinger fit as a narrator? 

The text is a legendary general’s philosophy on military strategy and his formula for success on the battlefield. It has been studied for thousands of years and remains in the libraries of military academies to this day. But many have surmised that Sun Tzu’s lessons can be applied to other areas. In fact, almost every form of conflict from politics to business has benefited from the teachings found in the Art of War.

Littlefinger is particularly suited to pass on this work. His personal philosophy is well aligned with Sun Tzu’s; both advocate for feigning circumstances, misleading enemies and allies alike, and adjusting plans as personal position changes. Lines from the Art of War such as, “Attack [the enemy] where he is unprepared; appear where you are not expected”, conjure up memories of conversations in front of the Iron Throne, or passing through the gardens of King’s Landing.

Gillen’s voice lends a refreshing richness to the ancient Chinese text. This blending of the modern and classic is compelling and inherently interesting. Those who have already read or listened to the Art of War will find this new version revitalizing; and those who are familiar with Littlefinger but have yet to be aquatinted with Sun Tzu, are in for quite a treat. Best of all, Audible has made it available for only $3.95.

“All warfare is based on deception.”

                                                     – Sun Tzu

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