Ant-Man Might Have an MCU Link to the New Spider-Man

The hunt for the next Peter Parker continues… but could ties to Spidey’s corner of the world show up sooner than we thought?

According to an unconfirmed report from Latino-Review (again, very unconfirmed!), a very important facet of the Spider-Man mythos might get a name-drop in Ant-Man this summer.

What’s the rumor?

According to their source, a scene in Ant-Man will reference Oscorp Industries, the company owned by Norman Osborn (aka the Green Goblin). It won’t be a huge thing though, more of a throwaway line in the vein of the Stephen Strange comment from Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Where would this scene fit?

Potential spoilers follow!

According to the rumor, there will be a scene where Corey Stoll’s Darren Cross is attempting to sell the Ant-Man tech he stole from Hank Pym. Among his potential buyers are Roxxon, a company that’s appeared in everything from Agent Carter to all three Iron Man movies, and the Ten Rings, the terrorist organization that may or may not be run by the Mandarin.

It’s possible that the line would be inserted somewhere here, with an off-hand mention that Oscorp is another potential buyer.

How likely is this?

I’d say even odds given what we know. It seems like a pretty simple and easy way to introduce some Spidey into the MCU, but at the same time, Marvel did not form their partnership with Sony until after Ant-Man had finished shooting.

That doesn’t entirely rule out the possibility though, as the line could’ve been inserted during reshoots or ADR. Either way though, don’t expect the webslinger himself to show up. Marvel is still planning on saving that big debut for Captain America: Civil War.

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