Archie vs. Predator #1 Review – Riverdale Looks Great in Infrared

Can you afford not to read about American every-teenagers squaring off against an invisible skullhunter from space? Get real.

So does this crossover make any damn sense, or is this just another Archie mashup for mashups’ sake?

The Predator element is actually pretty well-integrated into the tried-and-true Archie formula–as surely as the constellations are in the sky, Betty and Veronica are still fighting, Jughead’s still eating, and everyone’s still got the inexplicable hots for Archie. But this spring break, the Riverdale crew is partying in the tropics, where we get to watch the classic drama unfold in beautiful infrared from the bushes…

So having Predator in the mix adds to the flavor?

Oh definitely! Archie‘s had its surreal arcs in the past for sure, but, well, there’s just something about juxtaposing a best-dressed contest with the drippings of flayed victims in the trees.

Flayed flesh? Fantastic! Anything else in there for die-hard Predator fans?

The book’s got its share of Easter egg references from everyone’s favorite scifi/action testoster-fest, sure to please the vigilant fan. And yep, the headcount begins immediately, with victims hanging from the treetops like butcher shop wares. This first issue resembles the first third of the first Predator movie: it starts out in another genre (Riverdale drama this time, instead of assault rifle action fare), with ol’ vagina dentata-face lurking in the rafters, but slowly creeping into the action, ready to turn worlds upside down and skins inside out. So far, it’s Predator icing on the Archie cake instead of a 50-50 split, but you definitely finish anticipating more Predator goodness in the coming issues.

So are you, in all honesty, going to pick up issue #2?

Are you kidding? I think I can find it in my wallet to spend four bucks finding out how Riverdale’s finest stack up against an invisible, intergalactic trophy-hunter with a crab for a face. Yeah, I think I can stretch my personal economy enough to hear some good Jughead one-liners when the inevitable Predator un-masking scene finally happens. Granted, I’ve loved the Predator franchise since I was just a wee lad with a fetish for grotesque scifi beasties, but the bottom line remains–Archie crossovers can do a helluvalot worse than this.


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