Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer Analysis: Robin and Nightwing Playable?

In a swift promotional move, WB has been teasing us these last three days with video after video after video for the upcoming and final entry in the Arkham series: Batman: Arkham Knight. With the trailer finally available, what can we expect from the new title?

In case you haven’t seen the video yourself, here it is in all its glory. You can watch it. We’ll wait.

We Can’t Get Enough of the Batmobile




Crazier Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Battle-Mode Batmobile?



Batmobile with Batwing?

Batmobile Batwing

Check, check check.

This game promises to accomplish what Rocksteady has been hoping to achieve since the first Arkham City: a playable Batmobile. Since announcing the Batmobile almost a year ago, the buzz has not quieted down, and for good reason. The Batmobile is indestructible, comes at the call of a button, and, best of all, it is meant to annihilate, with an arsenal of weaponry and the ability to be extremely, well… mobile in heavy battle. How could any Batman trailer be complete without every middle-aged man’s dream tank?

Dual Play Gives Us a Seamless Experience Fighting as Our Allies and Batman Simultaneously

But, wait! There’s more! This trailer, entitled, “All Who Follow You,” focuses on the allies in the Rocksteady’s new title.

Teaming Up 2

A new addition to the combat system called “Dual Play” allows you to switch between your allies and yourself without interruption. As far as we know from this trailer, we can expect the dependable Robin, Nightwing and Catwoman to be playable and tag-teamable.

This is possibly the largest detail included in the trailer, as we have never seen this system in action before. If it looks anything like what we have here, it is going to provide a lot of variety and a new depth not included in previous Arkham titles.

Here’s more justice-serving mayhem for your pleasure:

Teaming Up

Oracle Finally Has a Body

Ever just chillaxing in the Gotham City Clocktower, Oracle has been our eyes and ears around Gotham for the Arkham entries, but only our eyes and ears.


The minds behind the Arkham series have also given Oracle a physical appearance this time, stating that they want to “bring her to life in this game rather than have her as just [a] voice,” as has been done in the previous games. 

The Opposition is Getting Serious This Time

With the franchise coming to a close (for now, at least), we can assume they’re pulling out all the stops to tie up their promising story, from their heroes to their villains. We also get a full glimpse of the reality of the Arkham Knight’s Army. Not much is known about the Arkham Knight, a new character created solely for the game by Rocksteady, Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, but we sure can assume he’s a badass.

Screenshot 2015-04-27 17.30.39

Other things seen in the trailer?

Catwoman decapitation (10 out of 10, highly recommend).

Catwoman Decapitation

Super Vent-Climbing Abilities!


Besides that, the best team to seemingly have ever existed.


Did you see any details you think we should know about? Let us know!

Batman: Arkham Knight is slated for a June 23rd, 2015 release.

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