What Was Your Least Favorite Song? All Of Them. Bludgeon Your Horizons E3: Pop Tatari by The Boredoms

Bludgeon Your Horizons is a podcast where we throw ‘difficult’ albums that we love at each other, and most everyone else will despise. This week Eric dug into his CD wallet for Pop Tatari, by The Boredoms. They’ve mellowed out significantly since, but this first full length album displays an apparent allergy to consensus about what song should actually be played at any particular time. Everyone had trouble placing the the sounds contained herein in the context of “songs”.

If you’re new to the podcast, the premise is simple: there are some albums that you keep to yourself in a hidden playlist in a hidden Dropbox under a hidden account, some record that absolutely cannot see the light of day, lest your social and professional lives be ruined. In Bludgeon Your Horizons, we (Dave, Eric, Andrew, and occasionally Peter) subject each other to these albums and then revel in each others’ pain.

This week Eric brought the noise and shouted nonsense of The Boredoms to bear on the collective consciousness of the group. With plenty of bizarre mouth sounds and weird rhythms only occasionally congealing into something one might call songs the group found it difficult to penetrate. If you’d like to take the same, strange ride listen to the album below before you listen to the podcast.

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