Catch Up on the New Star Wars Reading Canon With the Rise of the Empire Anthology

We’ve technically only had about a year of new-canon Star Wars novels so far, but if you’ve already fallen behind (five full novels and counting), this should help.

Del Rey has announced an anthology called Star Wars: Rise of the Empire, which will feature two of the previously published novels: Tarkin by James Luceno, and A New Dawn by John Jackson-Miller.

Additionally, the book will also contain three original (and canon) short stories, which at least for now, will be exclusive to this release.

“Together, these five works will chronicle events and provide readers with new insights into the scope and power of the formidable Galactic Empire,” the announcement reads.

Rise of the Empire is out on October 6 (available for pre-order now). For now, here’s a description of those three short stories (plenty of familiar names here!).

Mercy Mission by Melissa Scott

Years before she led the crew of the Ghost, Hera Syndulla was a young pilot looking to make a difference in the galaxy. Hera sets out with Goll — a close ally of her father, Cham Syndulla — on a dangerous mission to help the citizens of her homeworld, Ryloth, now languishing under the might of the Empire.

Bottleneck by John Jackson Miller

When Grand Moff Tarkin is tasked by Emperor Palpatine to investigate a dispute slowing Imperial production on a backwater planet, he expects an easy mission. Instead, Tarkin must forge a tense alliance with Count Vidian, the Empire’s newest rising star and a most capable rival. Matching wits and risking betrayal at every turn, the two powerful Imperials duel to gain the upper hand…and elude, at all costs, the price of failure.

The Levers of Power by Jason Fry

As Imperial and Rebel forces clash on and above the Forest Moon of Endor, Admiral Rae Sloane commands from the bridge of the Star Destroyer Vigilance. At a time where the stakes could not be higher, Sloane works to protect the Death Star and ensure Imperial victory, all too aware of the uncertain future for the Empire that may lie in the aftermath of the battle.

And here’s the cover:

star wars rise of the empire

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