Community: 6 Lingering Mysteries for the Movie to Solve

If Community could manage a full six seasons (and several miraculous bids to stay on the air), I’d say the odds of us finally getting that movie aren’t too shabby.  

If that movie does happen, aside from making sure the entire cast is reunited, there are a few unanswered questions I’d like to see resolved at some point. Namely…

What Happened to Troy?

troy childish tycoon

The last we saw of Troy Barnes, he was boarding a ship with LeVar Burton to sail around the world. Just one episode later though, a news ticker on TV that reads, “LeVar Burton and non-celebrity companion captured by pirates in the Gulf of Mexico.”

So, it seems that Troy has been captured by pirates, and is it just me, or does that seem like way too big of a loose end for Community to continue ignoring? He didn’t even get to show up for a cameo in Season 6.

If Don Glover is willing to come back for a Community movie, the most obvious plot to me would be Abed assembling the study group to track down and rescue Troy. If that isn’t an awesome way to transition into a feature length adventure, I don’t know what is.

What’s Going on in the Darkest Timeline?

darkest timeline community

A horrific alternate reality the study group inadvertently creates in Season 3, the so-called “Darkest Timeline” features a world where Jeff lost an arm, Annie is institutionalized, Troy burned his throat by trying to eat a flaming troll doll, Shirley is an alcoholic, and Britta has dyed a blue streak into her hair (because that’s a very Britta thing to do).

Due to Abed’s… Abedness though, his Darkest Timeline version is aware that he’s in an alternate timeline, and plots to take over the show’s “Prime Timeline.” Evil Abed later reforms, and decides to try and brighten his own timeline, instead of trying to bring the other one down. Unfortunately, Season 4 revealed that Evil Jeff has rallied the rest of the evil study group, planning to destroy the Prime Timeline once and for all.

The whole Darkest Timeline tease never fully paid off, and not even Abed has mentioned it in the last two seasons. I’m not sure the joke could be stretched out into an entire movie, but I’d sure like to see the evil versions of the characters turn up in some capacity again.

Who is the Ass Crack Bandit?

ass crack bandit community

In Season 2, someone was going around slipping quarters into people’s buttcracks. The so-called Ass Crack Bandit was never caught (despite an episode-long investigation), and we never got any real resolution on this mystery.

That is until Annie weirdly brings it up in the Season 6 finale. Was that a hint that she was the Ass Crack Bandit all along, and if so why? It certainly makes her FBI internship a little strange.

Is Pierce Really Dead?

pierce funeral community

Chevy Chase’s… difficulties with the cast and crew of Community are well-documented, but his departure from the show still felt sudden. While he did get an episode dedicated to his will, his only appearance in that season was as a hologram.

Could Pierce still be alive to appear in a Community movie? We don’t know who actually informed Shirley that Pierce had passed away, and the only person we saw actually confirm the news was Mr. Stone, a character so mysterious he didn’t even get a first name. It’s entirely possible that this was all just another of Pierce’s insane schemes, or maybe a way to escape that crazy cult he was involved in. And as Star-Burns proved, a character on Community aint dead until we see the body.

Alternatively, Troy did accidentally release some of Pierce’s remains when he unscrewed the “energon pod” that Pierce’s body was vaporized into…

Were There Seriously Zombies?

community zombies

Community‘s Season 2 Halloween episode was awesome in many ways (not the least of which was the Dean as Lady Gaga), but it’s most memorable aspect was the fact that it featured a full-on zombie attack. By the end of the episode, government soldiers erase the students’ memories and clear the scene of any evidence, but does this mean that a zombie virus actually exists in the world of Community? Or is it just a weird Abed head-canon sort of thing?

If it’s the former, I might not mind an entire Community vs zombies movie.

Where’s Annie’s Boobs?

Seriously, where did that monkey go? Is he still living in the school’s ventilation system, and if so, what shenanigans has he been getting into? If there’s ever a Community movie, I’d be really bummed if Annie’s Boobs doesn’t show up.


What do you think? Any other loose ends that a movie could tie up?


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