Cute-Induced Vomiting – Meet Gudetama the Lazy Egg Homunculus Thing

Gudetama is Sanrio’s latest personality, an unmotivated egg yolk, often lying face down, and with a chubby yellow butt that won’t quit. I have never had a Sanrio character speak so intimately with the neurotic parrot of my soul, and with the prevailing anti-capitalist zeitgeist–this is the voice, face, and ass of a generation, folks, WAKE UP. PRODUCTIVTY = ROBOTISM, MOVEMENT = ROBBED ENERGY, LIFE GOALS? MORE LIKE PRIME DIRECTIVES. I’M CARRIED AWAY JUST WATCH THIS TACITURN ZYGOTE JABBA AROUND ALL DAY LONG.


Sanrio’s descriptions of Gudetama include: “an egg that is dead to the world and completely lacks motivation.” His first words? “. . . Please leave me alone.”


Adorable as he is, there’s something of a rotten canker to this; his complete indifference to his situation has been related to the fact that he exists only to be eaten.


Is this the voice of a generation? He was recently voted a fan favorite in new character competition (narrowly beating out a salmon sashimi-headed midget).



Are we not laughing at a deeply embedded defeatism we ourselves feel? What is the nature of this defeat? Who exists to consume us?

Gudetama, what must I do to quit thee?

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