Destiny’s Queen’s Wrath Update Explained: How to Earn the New Gear

Today, a free new update for Destiny went live. It’s called “The Queen’s Wrath,” and it features new bounties and gear for Guardians to collect, and will supposedly tie into an upcoming expansion pack (House of Wolves). So what’s it all about?

What is “The Queen’s Wrath”?

The Queen’s Wrath is the next limited time event in Destiny. It features new bounties that award “Queen’s Favor” in lieu of Vanguard or Crucible reputation.


Limited Time?

Bungie has previously stated that this event will run from September 23 to October 6, although it hasn’t been revealed what will happen to your Queen’s Favor level once it is over.

What kind of bounties are available, and where do I get them?

You can pick up the new bounties from the same guy as usual, Xander 99-40, in the Tower. These do not replace your the usual sets of Vanguard and Crucible bounties, giving you a total of 18 possible bounties to choose from.

Here is what many players (including myself) are reporting are the initial set, although it seems they will refresh along with the rest of Xander’s stock each day:

  • Her Willful Gaze (+100 Queen’s Favor +5000xp): Defeat 20 Guardians with Scout Rifle headshots
  • By Thy Hand (+50 QF +2500xp): Defeat 20 Guardians with Hand Cannon headshots
  • Relic Harvest – Fallen (+50 QF +2500xp): Collect 200 Ether drops from Fallen (any planet)
  • Extermination Protocol (+100 QF +5000xp): Defeat 200 Fallen with headshots
  • Archon Slayer (+100 QF +5000xp): Defeat Riksis in the mission Restoration on Earth
  • Last Days of Winter (+100 QF +5000xp): Defeat Draksis in the Scourge of Winter on Venus

What is Queen’s Favor?

The Queen of the Reef is basically a new faction in Destiny. However, instead of gaining reputation levels by equipping a faction item, you instead complete special bounties.

What do levels of Queen’s Favor unlock?

Basically all of the same stuff as other factions: unique weapons, class items, shaders, and emblems. There do not appear to be any Queen’s Favor armor sets yet though.

Here is a full list of everything that is available so far (via DestinyTracker):


Class items



Where can I get this stuff?

There’s a new vendor, the Queen’s Emissary. She is located in the previously inaccessible area behind Xandar, the bounty vendor.

What happens after I finish the bounties?

Once you complete a Queen’s bounty, you’ll receive a “Queen’s Wrath Kill Order” item, and will unlock the Queen’s Wrath game mode. You can access this on the solar system map, it’s above the daily Crucible challenge.

In this game mode, you will replay story missions at level 24 difficulty with epic modifiers attached. Completing this mission will grant you a piece of Legendary armor, if you have a Kill Order in your inventory. Finishing the mission will remove the Kill Order from your inventory, which means you can basically get one Legendary item for each Queen’s bounty you complete. If you join a friend’s mission without a Kill Order, you will not receive any gear as a reward for finishing it.

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