Did You Catch These Easter Eggs in The Flash Season Finale?

Just like that, Season 1 is over in a flash and if you actually watched the season finale of The Flash, you’ll know what I mean. It started out slow and then whizzed by at breakneck speeds with tons of things happening at once. We’ll save the analytical stuff for later. For now, we’re just going to focus on the easter eggs spaced throughout the episode.


What Easter Eggs?

For those paying attention, there were quite a few easter eggs in The Flash season finale. For instance, when Barry enters what Wells calls the “Speed Force” we’re able to catch a glimpse at the future — or more specifically a scene from the spinoff Legends of Tomorrow.

There were some other hidden gems too.

Martin Stein in The Flash Finale

Before Barry decides he’s going to enter the Speed Force, Martin Stein claims he’s going to shout either “Eureka” or “Excelsior” in celebration. Excelsior is actually Stan Lee’s motto which he usually signs on promotional materials.

Killer Frost in The Flash Finale

When Barry enters the Speed Force he sees many different things from his past, present, and future. This is also where we get to see a lot of easter eggs from the episode.

Recognize that face? That’s one of Barry Allen’s renowned allies, Caitlin. Except here we see her in a different form.

DC veterans might recognize this character as Killer Frost.

That means, at some point Caitlin may become Killer Frost, who is a prominent villain in the comics. What’s most interesting is that Frost is not only an enemy of the Flash, but Firestorm as well. As we all know, Firestorm is actually Catlin’s — now husband — Ronnie in the series. What sets her on the path to darkness? Is it something Barry does or will it be Ronnie?

It’s also possible that this scene is from an alternate timeline that we’ll never see.

Note: Caitlin’s last name in the series is Snow.

The Flash Museum in The Flash Finale

Just seconds later we see the Flash museum. This is a location that’s native to the comics and has actually been around since 1965.

What’s interesting here is that Barry is probably looking into the future. You see, the museum was constructed to honor everyone who donned the iconic crimson outfit. By the time the museum is created, there have already been several people masquerading is the Flash.

That statue we see might actually be the likeness of one of Barry’s relatives.

Barry Allen in Jail The Flash Finale

Next, we see an odd scene where Barry is in jail. This could be an alternate dimension or this could be the future. Maybe Barry makes some bad choices in Season 2?

We can’t make out the man who’s talking to him. Is it Joe, his father or someone else?

Legends of Tomorrow The Flash Finale

Finally, we see a scene from Legends of Tomorrow, the new spinoff series that Flash and Arrow will also be a part of. You might recognize this very scene from the trailer for the show.

From left to right that’s White Canary, Captain Cold, and Atom.

Original The Flash helmet in Finale

This helmet comes tumbling out of the wormhole and lands right in front of Wells, it also scares him a bit. That’s because it belongs to the original Flash, Jay Garrick. His character debuted back in 1940 when he wore this metal helmet.

It’s a nice little nod to the Flash’s roots.

Time Sphere in The Flash Finale

Early on in the episode, Barry asks Cisco to build a “time machine” so that Wells can go back to his own timeline when the wormhole opens.

What Cisco actually ends up building is this thing, it’s called a Time Sphere. It’s actually a time travel device that Rip Hunter and his ilk use to travel through time. Rip Hunter is a character from the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow series.

Wells even makes a remark that Hunter would be proud of Cisco’s work.

Captain Cold in The Flash Finale

When the wormhole opens up above the city, we see several characters gazing at it one of which is Captain Cold. We know him from earlier in the season, but he will also appear in Legends of Tomorrow.

Ciara Renee in The Flash Finale

The next character we see is the civilian alter ego of Hawkgirl, Kendra Saunders played by actress Ciara Renee. In case you’re wondering, yes she will also play a major role in Legends of Tomorrow. Notice a pattern yet?

Cisco is Vibe The Flash Finale

During a conversation with Wells, Cisco reveals that he remembers being killed by the dastardly villain in an alternate timeline. Wells realizes that Cisco has actually been affected by the Particle Accelerator like all the other metahumans.

Apparently, Cisco’s ability to retain information from an alternate timeline — which Barry changed — means that he can “see through vibrations in the universe,” and that he has superhuman abilities. Obviously, Cisco hasn’t learned to hone his abilities yet but this is a nod to DC character Vibe. It looks like Cisco is on the path to greatness!

As Wells says, “A great, honorable destiny awaits [him] now.”

What Did You Catch?

Between Cisco saying “may the speed force be with you,” in reference to Star Wars and his comment “so long, and thanks for all the fish” alluding to Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books there was plenty to find!

Surely, we haven’t found all the easter eggs in the episode. It’s likely you caught a few that we missed. Please share!


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