Digimon Is Returning with a New Season for Its 15th Anniversary

Ready to feel really old? Digimon is fast approaching its 15th birthday, and to celebrate the anniversary, a new series has been announced that will air in 2015.

The new season will be set three years after the events of Digimon Adventures 02, the series that starred Hikari and Takeru from the original season, alongside three new Digidestines. That second season aired way back in 2000, so the fact that there will direct sequel after this long is pretty incredible.

The only confirmed character so far is Taichi, the original leader of the Digidestines. One can only assume that his Digimon partner Agumon will be there too though.

A teaser website has also been launched, which featured a Digitama egg that had to be clicked a total of 1 million times before it hatched (it didn’t take long, Digimon fans are apparently pretty dedicated), revealing this sweet little trailer:

The upcoming series will air sometime in 2015.

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