Doctor Who Rumor: Is David Tennant Returning As The 10th Doctor?

And apparently Donna Noble is joining him.

Many fans will tell you that Doctor Who just hasn’t been as good since Russell T. Davis and David Tennant left. Yes, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi are tremendous actors, but they’ve often been given questionable arcs and storylines. But love him or hate him, it seems the current reign of showrunner Steven Moffat isn’t ending any time soon. However, if you’re looking to return to that era of Series 2-4… Big Finish has you covered.

What is Big Finish?

They produce audio dramas based on Doctor Who. Thus far they’ve had access to all the old Doctor Who material from before the new era and have produced many adventures centering around the first eight Doctors using as many of the living actors as possible. They’ve turned Colin Baker’s 6th Doctor into the least liked Doctor into something of a fan favorite, not to mention given the 8th Doctor entire seasons worth of canonical adventures that were acknowledged in his webisode “Night of the Doctor.”


Up until now it’s been material from old Who, but now it seems they’ve been given the go ahead to use material from the newest series. Which means…

They’re producing stories with the 10th Doctor?

According to Blogtor Who, yes they are. Hopefully the rumor is true.

And Donna Noble is joining him?

That’s the rumor. Apparently Catharine Tate will be joining him.

When in the series will it be taking place?

Obviously it would have to be during the Doctor and Donna’s adventures in Series 4, between the episodes “Partners in Crime” when she becomes his full time companion and when the main arc kicks in with the episode “Turn Left.”


Will it be a full season of stories?

We’re not entirely sure, but we imagine they will follow the general format of nuWho by doing 13 episode seasons. At the moment, we’re assuming they just have one season lined up.

Will we be getting more stories from Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor?

If they can get Matt Smith, I’m sure they’d love to create more adventures for him. After all, like Colin Baker many feel Smith was a fantastic actor who was shortchanged with some sub-par stories during his tenure. Thus far, the writers at Big Finish have done a very good job being respectful of each character’s legacy. So, we’d love to see what they could do with 11.

Is it possible we’ll see the newer Doctors cross over in each other’s adventures?

Well, we’ve actually already seen the 5th and 10th Doctors together:

But that aside, Big Finish has done a few crossovers with all the Doctors so there’s no reason they won’t bring 10 into the mix. Personally, we’d love to see 10 and 8 in the same adventure.

Until then, check out our Doctor Who Series 9 episode guide!


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