The 10 Worst Music Videos! [Podcast]

Today we celebrate our 125th episode with a countdown of 10 music videos that we hate, for songs that we legitimately like.


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It’s been a long time coming—we’ve made it to 125 episodes! We’re rather proud of this feat and wanted to do something special for this occasion, so we’ve branched out into a whole new medium: video! Fortunately for you, we don’t intend on doing any other videos in the future (since we both hate being in front of the camera) but we felt this was an appropriate choice for the topic at hand.

Some of you might remember our episode last year about music videos, which was partly dedicated to ones that we personally enjoy, but of course that subject doesn’t translate very well into audio podcast form. With that in mind, we decided to bring you our 10 least favorite music videos, with the catch being that they had to be for songs that we actually do like.

For continuity’s sake, we also saved out the audio from this episode into the standard podcast format, so you can listen just like with any other episode, but we encourage you to tune in to the video version since this is a one-time-only offer from Funk Radio. Enjoy!

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