Songs About Butts [Podcast]

Today we talk about butts. If you need further explanation, this isn’t the podcast for you.



You could say we’re a little “behind” on doing this topic—discussing the shockingly large number of songs dedicated to butts, asses, rumps, booties and badonkadonks. There isn’t much to say in terms of intelligent analysis, but one thing’s for certain. The love of ass really does transcend race and time, and it’s only becoming more popular with the newer generations. Don’t believe us? Have some charts.

We only mentioned maybe 10-12 different bootylicious songs in this episode, but between VH1’s 15 Greatest Songs About Butts and 20 MORE Amazing Songs About Butts, that’s a solid 35, and we were able to recall at least one or two that they missed. Clearly this is all very important.

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